Lapsed Payments

Annual dues for all classes of membership shall be determined by the directors, and shall be effective as of the first day of the membership year. The membership year shall coincide with the fiscal year.

To make a lapsed payment please choose the number of years from the drop box below. Once payment is complete you will be given a login and password so you can update your membership profile information.

Lapsed Members and Late Fees

Lapsed Members and Late Fees
BCATA Members it is important that you pay your dues yearly to avoid becoming a lapsed member. Late Fees and payment schedule for Registered and Professional lapsed members:

$100 would be owed for the current fiscal year
a $20 late fee (if lapsed less than 12 months) or $50 administration fee (over 12 months)

  • +$100 fee for members lapsed 1 yr = ($250)
  • +$200 fee for members lapsed 2 yrs = ($350)
  • +$300 fee for members lapsed 3 yrs = ($450)
Renewals 2013
Your fees were due BEFORE May 25th, 2013. The renewal fee is now $120 for Registered & Professional Members.