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Annual dues for all classes of membership shall be determined by the directors, and shall be effective as of the first day of the membership year. The membership year shall coincide with the fiscal year.

Lapsed Members and Late Fees
BCATA Members it is important that you pay your dues yearly to avoid becoming a lapsed member.

Late Fees and payment schedule for Registered and Professional lapsed members:

$115 would be owed for the current fiscal year ($135 if late)
a $20 late fee (less than 12 months) or $50 administration fee (over 12 months)

  • +$100 fee for members lapsed 1 yr = ($265)
  • +$200 fee for members lapsed 2 yrs = ($365)
  • +$300 fee for members lapsed 3 yrs = ($465)

Please note – if you wish to pay for your membership via cheque, please enter the coupon code CHEQUES.

Your fees are due BEFORE May 1st. The renewal fee is $135 for Registered Members after May 1st.

BCATA: Registered Art Therapist

Registered Art Therapist Member - 115.00 CAD starts from 03/24/2020 to 04/30/2021
Registered Member (BCATR, ATR, RCAT) ~ Registered Members are Professional Art Therapists Who have completed the pre-requisites and approved for registered status with the BCATA Registration Chair.
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  •  Yes - Employer 
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 Anger Management 
 Brain Injury 
 Crisis Intervention 
 Eating Disorders 
 Family Violence 
 First Nations 
 Foster Care 
 Immigrant& Refugees 
 Mental Illness 
 Pre/Post Natal 
 Professional Development 
 Sexual Abuse 
 Special Needs 
 Other (list below) 
 Professional Development Committee 
 Newsletter Liason 
 Marketing & Promotions 
 Supervision Consultant 
 BCSAT Student Rep 
 VATI Student Rep  
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  •  Vancouver Island 
  •  Interior BC 
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