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BCATA Associate Membership Application


Open to volunteers or individuals who are not professional art therapists. Contact information will not be displayed in the BCATA Art Therapist Directory.


Bylaw 2.7: Associate membership shall be open to volunteers or individuals who are not professional art therapists and, who wish to support the field of art therapy and the association. It may also include educational institutions, agencies, and non – profit organizations. Such membership shall provide for admission to the meetings and special programs of the society and the receipt of all official publications.

View the complete list of qualifications in BCATA Bylaws PDF.  The membership of the society shall be open to persons regardless of race, creed, sex, ethnic background or national origin.

Step One

Download and complete the application form. To qualify for Associate level membership, you must download and complete the following form.

Step Two

Email all requested items and the pdf form to membership@bcarttherapy.com or send your files by mail to:

Registration Committee
BC Art Therapy Association
1001 West Broadway, Suite 123
Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4

Step Three

Pay your membership dues.

Once your application has been approved you will receive your unique BCATA membership ID number. Your membership is not complete until you’ve paid your membership dues.

Associate Membership = $60

Note: Failure to fully complete registration may result in the return of your application. 

BC Art Therapy Association

Suite 123
101-1001 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC Canada V6H 4E4

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