BCATA Membership

Current BCATA Membership
May 2024 – April 2025

All BCATA Members:

  • Are welcome to attend the BCATA Annual General Meeting
  • Are entitled to reduced rates at BCATA Conference
  • Will receive the BCATA online monthly Announcements and Postings
  • How to submit Announcements and Postings to the BCATA –
    If you wish to forward information via email to the BCATA membership, please respect the following criteria:
    1. Submit your posting to Merle (admin@bcarttherapy.com) before the 1st of the month.
    2. 100 words maximum, including name, title, brief description, a link to your website, etc.
    3. Attachments such as a poster or image must be UNDER 1 (one) MB in size
    4. Posters should be in jpeg format. We take no responsibility for any errors if we convert your pdfs to jpegs. Or any other formatting changes that may occur.
    5. Keep your submission short and link to more in-depth information elsewhere. A crowded newsletter goes unread!
    6. Postings will be compiled and sent out to the membership by the 7th of the month.
    7. Events must be occurring within the next 60 days

Registered & Professional Members receive all of the above PLUS:

  • the right to vote and hold office,
  • 6-months free when creating a profile on PsychologyToday,
  • a great opportunity for networking,
  • professional development and CEC programming,
  • and a chance to get to know your art therapy community.

Professional Member (Adler, DVATI, DKATI)


Professional Membership is open to all art therapists who have completed post-graduate professional training in Art Therapy from an accredited school or institute of art therapy (eg. Adler, VATI, KATI, TATI, Concordia, etc).

Learn more about this level of membership and apply online.

Registered Member (BCATR, ATR, RCAT)

($115 + $50 non-refundable application processing fee)

Registered Members are Professional Art Therapists that have completed all pre-requisites and have been approved for registered status with the BCATA Registration Chair.  

Learn more about this level of membership and apply online.

Student Member


Open to all students currently studying art therapy at an accredited school or institution of art therapy (eg. Adler, VATI, KATI, etc.)

Learn more about this level of membership and apply online.

Associate Member


Open to volunteers or individuals who are not professional art therapists. Contact information will not be displayed in the BCATA Art Therapist Directory.

Learn more about this level of membership and apply online.

Retired Member


Retired membership shall be open to registered professional members or professional members who are art therapists who have retired from practicing art therapy but wish to retain membership. Profile will not be displayed in the membership directory.

Learn more about this level of membership and apply online.

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