The BCATA Mission

The British Columbia Art Therapy Association (BCATA) was founded in 1978 to foster the professional development of art therapy in British Columbia. The Association acts as a provincial voice governing the standards and practice of the profession and its practitioners.

The BCATA provides professional registration for art therapists in British Columbia which entitles them to use BCATR after their name. The Association also upholds the BCATA Code of Ethics and encourages research with respect to art therapy. It is a registered non-profit society in BC.

The Executive Committee

BCATA has an executive committee of professional members, which are nominated and elected by the professional membership every two years for a two-year term. Student members nominate one student representative from each training institute operating in British Columbia to be appointed to the executive for each academic year.

To contact any of the Executive Committee members by email – admin@bcarttherapy.com

Elected Members 2019

Craig Lee

Vice President
Shivani Agarwal

Recording Secretary
Cari Randa

Corresponding Secretary
Ellie Madeley

Membership Chair
Heather Hassenbein

Membership Committee
Michelle Oucharek-Deo
Margaret Jones-Callahan
Lesley Clarke

Registration Chair
Margaret Jones-Callahan

Joni Vonkeman

Student Representatives

KATI Student Rep
Sarah Fitzgibbon

VATI Student Rep
Ladan Rahbary

Adler Student Rep
Sookyung Ahn

St. Stephen’s Student Rep
Katrina Stock

Appointed Members 2018

Ethics Chair
Demill Keevil

Ethics Committee
Rose Clarke
Sophia Schneider

Events Chair
Sabrina Yau

Social Media Chair
Andrea Hrysko

FACT-BC Representative
Cassandra Evans
2nd: Michelle Oucharek-Deo

CATA/OATA/BCATA Alliance Representative
Christine Lummis

Newsletter Editor
Hannah Eicke

Newsletter Liason
vacant – if you are interested and would like to receive the job description for this position please contact us.

Supervision Consultant
vacant – if you are interested and would like to receive the job description for this position please contact us.

Marketing & Promotions
vacant – if you are interested and would like to receive the job description for this position please contact us.

Admin/ Web/ Bookkeeper – Paid Position
Merle Miedzygorski – admin@bcarttherapy.com

Our Constitution and Bylaws

1. The name of the Society is British Columbia Art Therapy Association.

2. The purposes of the Society are:

  • to progressively develop the therapeutic use of art;
  • to advance research with respect to art therapy;
  • to improve standards of practice;
  • to develop criteria for training art therapists;
  • to provide vehicles for the exchange of information and experience;
  • to aim treatment most effectively toward rehabilitation and the improvement of human welfare;
  • to improve the effectiveness of those engaged in art therapy, through the means of meetings and seminars;
  • to encourage the development of professional training opportunities in art therapy and attract people to the field of art therapy;
  • to represent the interests of art therapists in the practice of their profession/occupation.

3. The Society shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members and any profits or other accretions to the Society shall be used for promoting its objectives.

4. In the event that the Society should at any time be wound up or dissolved, the remaining assets after payment of all debts and liabilities shall be turned over to a recognized charitable organization in the Province or elsewhere in Canada as directed by the members.

5. Articles 3 and 4 are unalterable.

Click here to download the BCATA Bylaws as a pdf file.

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