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2022 Conference

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Professional Development Workshops

Participation in these workshops does not qualify participants to represent themselves as art therapy practitioners, nor is it sufficient to qualify practitioners or others to use art therapy as a clinical or therapeutic tool in the treatment of their clients. While there are experiential components in many of these workshops, they are meant as examples of applications of art therapy rather than as personal growth or therapeutic experiences.

To submit a workshop proposal, please email: Email:

Hosting a Coffee House

Coffee House FAQs

Hosting and attending coffee houses is a great way to meet and get to know others in our communities, make art, share resources and experiences…and maybe a glass of wine!

What is the host's job?

The host lets the BCATA know when and where the coffee house will be. Please send your event details to well in advance of the event, so we can mention it online and in the newsletter. 

If you’d like those attending to contribute art materials, snacks, and/or drinks to share – please include that in your event details/invitation.

If your space has a maximum capacity, accessibility issues, or any other noteworthy considerations, please also include these in your event details/invitation.

The host can specify a topic for discussion (i.e. “Let’s talk about challenges in healthcare settings” or “Let’s share our favourite art mediums”) or it can be general such as “Let’s just get together and get to know our fellow local art therapists”.

Some hosts provide art materials (inexpensive paper, oil pastels, markers, etc.) when the session takes place in their studio, so that the group can make art during the session. Something that works well is covering a table in a very large paper so that while everyone is talking they’re also collaborating on a large piece. The piece can be photographed for social media, or if it’s more private, everyone can take their own piece home… go with the flow of the desire of the group. NOTE: Always ask permission to share the images made.

As host, you may want to create a “local art therapists” mailing list for your own use when advertising coffee houses in your area.

How do we advertise?

Newsletters: Announcements & Postings are emailed out to BCATA members, which is managed by Merle.

Social Media: BCATA currently maintains Twitter and Facebook accounts, which are managed by Andrea.

Website: This page will be kept up to date with any upcoming event listings that are sent to us, managed by Sabrina.

CATA (Canadian Art Therapy association): If you’d like your events to be included in any of CATA’s listings please contact them directly.


1. Do not include your specific address, instead indicate the general neighbourhood and city, and your phone and/or email to have people contact you for location and directions.

2. Specify whether the event is open to those interested in Art Therapy or just for BCATA/CATA members.

3. If you’re planning a Peer Consultation event, please specify that it is only open to Art Therapy students in practicum settings and Art Therapy professionals currently practicing, and that attendees must adhere to the BCATA Code of Ethics, and maintain strict confidentiality for their clients, making sure they have permission to share any imagery, and keeping all client identifying information out of the discussion. You may also want to note that Peer Consults do not count towards school or registration supervision hours.

What is a good theme?
  • Friendly get together
  • Challenges of the workplace
  • Strategies for explaining Art Therapy to other professionals
  • Stress management, making our own art
  • Larger seasonal events like an Xmas party, New Years vision boarding, etc. (advertise well in advance)
  • What do we want in terms of Pro-D? (What sorts of events people would like to attend and/or see happening in our community – ie: talks and trainings on specific topics, workshops that teach us particular skills, supervision/peer consultation, etc).
What is a good venue?
  • Living room of someone’s house
  • Nature art outside!
  • Someone’s studio space
  • If confidentiality is not an issue, could meet in a park, coffee shop, or other public space for networking and social time
How long do we usually meet for?

Generally going with a couple of hours seems to work well, for example the Victoria groups tend to meet for 1.5-2 hours on a weekday evening.

Past BCATA Events

2018 BCATA Conference


The theme for our 2018 conference was COMMUNITY, CONNECTION & COLLABORATION. We focused on the weaving together of people, spaces, and disciplines. At the conference, we highlighted information-sharing on themes that include collaborative art-making, community connections, and new initiatives in Art Therapy.




Every year we gather as a collective group for the Board of Directors to share all that has been happening over the previous year with the Association members. In 2018 we saw three board members stepping down from their positions, and new members stepping in!

Please contact if you’d like to learn more about the roles of Board Members! Participating as a Board Member for our organization is a great way to develop leadership skills and to contribute to the growth of your profession…and of our community! Please consider joining our team!

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