BCATA Membership

BCATA Registered Art Therapist Membership Application


Registered Members are Professional Art Therapists that have completed the pre-requisites below and have been approved for registered status with the BCATA Registration Chair.


BYLAW 2.3: Registered professional membership, “BCATR” British Columbia Art Therapist Registered, shall be open to all professional members in good standing who:

a) have completed a Masters Degree or higher in art therapy, a Masters Degree in the field of social sciences and a 15 month diploma program at an institute of art therapy, or an undergraduate degree and a 2 year diploma program from an institute of art therapy;

b) and have completed with signed documentation, 1,000 postgraduate direct paid client contact hours in a clinical setting or agency setting supervised by a BCATR, or equivalent (e.g. ATR, or RCAT) who holds current professional liability insurance and in good standing with their professional association, at a ratio of 1 hour to each 20 client contact hours.

c) sign a statement that if practicing, they have liability insurance coverage

d) have made application to the Registration Committee of the BCATA, have been admitted as registered members and remain members in good standing

View complete list of qualifications in BCATA Bylaws PDF.  The membership of the society shall be open to persons regardless of race, creed, sex, ethnic background or national origin.

Client Hours Log

Here is an Excel Tool for Tracking Client Contact Hours | Download Excel File

client hours tracking log

Step One

Download and complete the application form. To qualify for Registered Art Therapist level membership, you must download and complete the following form.

Step Two

Email all of the following items to membership@bcarttherapy.com or send your files by mail to:

Registration Committee
BC Art Therapy Association
1001 West Broadway, Suite 123
Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4

You will be requested to provide the following:

  1. Completed application form (download above)
  2. Curriculum Vitae/resume
  3. Official transcripts for Art Therapy diploma or degree
  4. Copies of transcripts for undergraduate and all other graduate studies
  5. A minimum of two letters of recommendation from qualified clinicians who are familiar with your professional art therapy work. Please include a letter from at least one supervisor regarding your competence in art therapy.
  6. Documentation of 1000 post-graduate direct client contact work experience, and documentation of 50 supervision hours signed by supervisor(s), at a ratio of 1 supervision hour to every 20 client contact hours. A template for this form can be found on the BCATA website.
  7. Proof of liability insurance coverage from the agency by whom you are employed, or if self-employed, provided documentation of your insurance coverage.

Step Three

Pay your membership dues.

Once your application has been approved you will receive your unique BCATA membership ID number. Your membership is not complete until you’ve paid your membership dues.

Registered Membership = $115

Note: Failure to fully complete and pay for registration may result in the return of your application. 

Lapsed Members and Late Fees

BCATA Members it is important that you pay your dues yearly to avoid becoming a lapsed member. You become lapsed when you do not renew your membership and you do not tell Membership you are ending your membership. Late Fees and payment schedule for Registered and Professional lapsed members:

  • $100 would be owed for the current fiscal year

  • + PLUS a $20 late fee (if lapsed less than 12 months) or $50 administration fee (over 12 months)

  • +$100 fee for members lapsed 1 yr = ($250)

  • +$200 fee for members lapsed 2 yrs = ($350)

  • +$300 fee for members lapsed 3 yrs = ($450)

BC Art Therapy Association

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